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Company seasonal card

Now there is an opportunity for companies to directly subscribe season with Lundahoj. The cards are not personal, the company is responsible for the rent and for the bike during the rental period. This means that the cards can be advantageously used by several people. Administration of who used the bike at which point, is the company’s responsibility.

250 SEK per season card and 200 SEK per card in administration fee. If you purchase a Lundahoj plastic card it will cost a additionally 120 SEK. Excluded taxes.

Rental expenses:
The bike may be rented for free 30 minutes at a time. If the bike is rented more than 30 minutes it costs 10 SEK for the first half hour, 20 SEK for the second and 40 SEK per half-hour rest period.

To process your order, we need to know:
Delivery and invoice address:
Name agreement signatories:
Name of the cards, or how the card should be marked:
PIN code
Number of cards:

For questions or to order cards, please contact the callcenter at