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Season card

The cost for a season card is 75 SEK and the card is valid one year from date of purchase. With a season card, you can rent a bike as often as you wish throughout the season. Season cards can be paired with your Jojo card and the connection is done as you place your order on this website. There is a possibility of buying a plastic Lundahoj card for your subscription at a cost of 150 SEK / plastic card.

The first half hour at each ride is always free.

30 minute rule

The first half hour of every ride with the bikes are always free, regardless of the number of trips per day. Do you want to continue cycling after 30 minutes, so you must return the bike to a bike stand, but you can immediately pick up a new one. If the bike used more than 30 minutes it costs 10 SEK for the first half hour, 20 SEK for second and 40 per half-hour rest of the period.

Buy your season card here