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How much does it cost to rent a bike?
If you have a Jojo card, you can buy a season card for 75 SEK.

You can also buy a 3-day card at the station for 25 SEK. Use your bank or credit card to pay.

How long can I ride for free at the Lundacykeln bikes?
You can ride for free for 30 minutes at a time. If you want to cycle for longer than 30 minutes without charge, return the bike, wait 60 seconds and you can then take out a new bike for 30 minutes. If you do not return the bike within the 30 min it costs 10 SEK for the first 30 minutes, 20 SEK for the next 30 minutes etc.

Why can I only ride for free 30 minutes?
We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to use the bikes. For example if you are planning to visit Skansen, return the bike and pick up a new one when you’re done. Then someone else can use the bike in the meantime.

Jojo card?
Your season pass can be connected to your Jojo card and you order that when you purchase your season pass.

Is the balance of my Jojo card affected when I connect it to Lundacykeln?
No, your balance is not affected at all. The Jojo card is an RFID card and by activating the card here on the site, you just add an extra service to the card.

What is RFID – Radio Frequency Identification?
One can see RFID as a radio-based variant of bar codes used to identify different objects or services. So by registering for example, your SL Access card here on the site the bike station can identify you when you want to rent a bike. You just hold up your card against the reader, pushing the personal code you selected at registration and you can pick out a bike.

Have questions about the bike, cards or anything else regarding the bike system?
Call our Customer service on: +46 (0)46-14 77 00 or email at

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